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Why the Beatles were so good: They practiced!

Last week, Washington celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ first concert in America with the tribute band Beatlemania Now taking the stage at the same venue (the Washington Coliseum) at the same time (8:31 p.m.) to play the same … Continue reading

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Green socks, Hess trucks and the cocoon room

Over the past week I’ve been collecting nuggets of wisdom to impart to you, dear reader—veritable gems, I tell you. Actually, I’ve discovered that it’s far easier to string together three little stories than to write a regular blog post. … Continue reading

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Ut prosim, Virginia Tech and fall commencement

There I was, a U.Va. graduate, in the heart of the Hokie Nation, watching my son receive his undergraduate degree in construction engineering from Virginia Tech. Putting aside all of the jokes we U.Va. grads make about Hokies being farmers … Continue reading

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Giving thanks for the things I don’t have

Walking through my house after being gone for four months, I was struck by what I hadn’t missed while I was away. I didn’t miss my belongings or the furniture or even the neighborhood. Within a day, though, I was … Continue reading

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The bald truth about power and leadership potential

In the mornings lately, when I take a shower and dry my hair, I’ve noticed a little thinning on top. Uh-oh. My hair has always been what shampoo makers call “fine,” but nowadays it seems to be even finer—so fine … Continue reading

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Signs we’re going to have a harsh winter

This week I had a meeting downtown, which meant I had to dress up for a change. As I peered into the closet, I spied two nearly identical dark-blue slacks—one size 34 and the other size 36. I’m an optimist, … Continue reading

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Give up trying to find your passion and just do it

I was reading Daniel Pink the other day and reflecting on one of his counterintuitive pieces of advice: “Give up trying to find your passion.” Pink, a top-selling author on career, motivation and work-related issues, is perhaps best known for … Continue reading

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‘Your current circumstance is not your conclusion’

I have written before about my involvement in the Kairos prison ministry program. This past weekend, our team from Northern Virginia spent two days at Greensville Correctional Center in southeastern Virginia. In the prison’s gym where we met was a … Continue reading

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Spaces, places and where we live

Good old Gaston Bachelard, the French philosopher who wrote about houses having souls. I was thinking about him recently as I prepared to rent my house to Gordon and Teca, a missionary couple from Brazil, and their family. For four … Continue reading

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