Learning to lead and live from David Kanigan’s blog

There are some excellent blogs out there, and one that I highly recommend is Lead.Learn.Live. by David Kanigan. I wouldn’t have known about this wonderful blog if Dave hadn’t taken the time to “like” a couple of my posts. These past few weeks I’ve come to realize that he is not only a perceptive student of life and a prolific synthesizer of wisdom, but he’s incredibly generous and gracious in his support of other bloggers.

If you haven’t checked out his blog, here are excerpts from three recent posts. Enjoy!

Be like Ben (Franklin)…what good shall I do today?

March 2, 2012 By 24 Comments

Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790) was one of the Founding Fathers of the US.  He was a noted polymath (def: A person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning), a leading author, politician, musician, inventor, statesman, scientist…bottom line – a genius, this man.

He developed a process of overcoming his bad habits and replacing them with good habits.  He worked on this every single day.  KEEP IN MIND, THIS WAS OVER 290 YEARS AGO. Is it any wonder then, why this man was as accomplished as he was.

I read his process, his approach and his disciplined execution.  Writing down his goals.  Tracking progress daily.  My reaction? I am a Sloth.  [Read more…]

Nothing is small or petty in this life…

February 29, 2012 By 16 Comments

“No man can be happy, efficient, creative at his work when he is unhappy with his situation and lives for another day.  All of us are too prone to postpone our living until some nebulous time when ‘our ship will come in.’  Nothing is so apt to inject dissatisfaction into our lives as this wasteful attitude toward the most perishable of all things we know – time.  Today, this very day, is the most important time of all, for what we do today determines what we will be tomorrow.   Therefore turn all your attention to your labors of the moment, absorb yourself, take your satisfactions from each thing you do, however humble in your mind.  Nothing is small or petty in this life.  The massive door of a vault swings on the apex of a tiny jewel, and men have become great through learning how to do well the lowliest of jobs.”  – U.S. Anderson, Three Magic Words

Life is Color (and 250,000 bouncy balls)…

February 24, 2012 By 19 Comments

Settle in and watch 250,000 colored balls being dropped down Filbert and Leavenworth Streets in one of the world’s greatest cities – San Francisco. [Read more…]

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2 Responses to Learning to lead and live from David Kanigan’s blog

  1. Jay, thank you. I am flattered by your kind words. Dave

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