Passion and integrity from Alan122 of Detroit

DetroitI have become a fan of “Shouting from the Rooftop,” a blog by Alan122. From what little I know, Alan122 hails from Detroit and purports to write about “just marketing ideas.” But his posts cover all kinds of ground—far beyond marketing. They’re nuggets of truth that leave you thinking.

Here are few recent “shouts” from Alan122 that I liked. I hope you like them, too.

Decide on Something

What’s worse than making a bad decision? Making no decision.

The idea sounds great! Heck, you are even gaga about the idea and ready to go with the exciting idea, until you hear an opposing view – and then you abandon the thought…sigh, you lose your excitement.  And then…you hear another view that supports your original idea, now you are gaga again!  Only to be brought down by…

Get off the roller coaster.

No plan is perfect, no idea is without its drawbacks, but in execution of the plan you will learn, adjust, and make even better decisions in the future.

Gather information, seek counsel, contemplate, pray and do what you have to do to come to a decision.  But whatever you do, be decisive, be bold, and be firm!

By ALAN122 on June 3, 2012

Big ‘Buts’ Get No Respect

I really messed up this time.

I should have listened, but decided to do it on my own.

I acted hastily.

I got caught up in the emotions of the moment and was not rational.

I pulled the trigger on the assignment when I clearly should not have.

There were other people in the organization far more qualified than me to do this, but I let pride get in the way.

It’s my fault.

Wait…here it comes…the big BUT…

I messed up, but you should have told me.  I should have listened, but they knew better.  I acted hastily, but I had to do something.

When you can shoulder the blame and there is no “but,” there is no “however,” there are no extenuating circumstances, you earn that respect for which you have been searching.  And you will no doubt, learn from your mistake because you have accepted that it is you, not them who is to blame.

It was me. It was not you. It was not the committee.  No buts, big or small.

By ALAN122 on May 30, 2012

Passion and Integrity

Are you passionate about the sale or the product?  Is your eye on the close or the customer?

I’ve attended plenty of sales classes and I get it; find the pain…close the deal.  And truthfully, I intensely dislike lingering opportunities.  So, yes close the deal with a yes or no!

My point is – believe in what you are selling…passionately.  The sales happen when that passion comes through; your fervent belief helps convert the prospect into a believer and eventually a buyer.  If the product or service isn’t a match – you lose credibility when you start using “sales techniques” to close regardless of your ability to genuinely help them.

Sell with passion.  Sell with integrity…and always remember everyone is in sales.

By ALAN122 on May 3, 2012
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2 Responses to Passion and integrity from Alan122 of Detroit

  1. alan122 says:

    Jay, thank you for the very generous comments and endorsement of my blog. As a “fan” of your writing and storytelling, I am humbled by your comments.

    • Jay Morris says:

      Alan, thanks! I really like the way you get to the point in your posts. You have a real knack for condensing things down to their core truth. Keep up the good work! – Jay

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