Good-bye Resources, hello 50 posts

Last Thursday marked my 50th post on The Wayward Journey. Hooray! It also was when I decided to finally pull the plug on my much-underutilized Resources page. I had such high hopes for that section of the blog when I launched it. I invited readers to suggest links, books, articles and other resources that had helped them along their own journey. We would all share resources. But alas, no one ever submitted anything. So I decided to take it down.

I also said good-bye to VodPod, a cool video app that WordPress is no longer able to offer bloggers. It just disappeared from my widgets dashboard one day, along with all of the videos I had tagged. So that was another reason I pulled the plug on my Resources page—those videos constituted the sum total of my “resources.” Seems that VodPod has been acquired by Lockerz, and I’m not sure we’ll ever see VodPod again. Such are the vagaries of using free blogging software.

But I digress. The real news is that I was able to reach the “nifty-fifty” milestone, giving me more longevity than many bloggers who try this medium for a few months and then tire of it. Of course, I recently took a month-long break myself, so I know how tenuous blogging can be. I count myself fortunate to have lasted as long as I have and to have received a great deal of encouragement from friends and fellow bloggers. Thanks for your support, and here’s to 50 more!

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2 Responses to Good-bye Resources, hello 50 posts

  1. jghannam says:

    Congratulations on the big five-oh, Jay. I’m a big fan.l I find this blog thought-provoking and engaging.

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