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Green socks, Hess trucks and the cocoon room

Over the past week I’ve been collecting nuggets of wisdom to impart to you, dear reader—veritable gems, I tell you. Actually, I’ve discovered that it’s far easier to string together three little stories than to write a regular blog post. … Continue reading

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Why is delegating so hard? Let me count the ways

I am not the best at delegating. And judging by the volume of “how-to” articles on this subject in journals like HBR, I’m not alone. Many executives and leaders fall down when it comes to delegating—and ultimately it can harm … Continue reading

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Letting go and moving on

Last month, I wrote about the power of forgiveness and how learning to forgive yourself (as well as others) is essential for personal growth and change. All too often, we hold on to old hurts, grudges and mistakes, and they … Continue reading

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Forgiveness is tough—especially for someone like me who has always had trouble expressing his feelings. But forgiveness, I’ve discovered, is a wonderfully liberating and healing act. It frees you to move on, to advance to new stages in your life … Continue reading

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