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This New Year’s, resolve to be less busy and more productive

It’s the end of another year, a time for reflection, planning and goal setting. We get out our calendars, dust off our business plans and review our accomplishments over the past 12 months. We congratulate ourselves on achievements, note where … Continue reading

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7 tips for achieving your New Year’s resolutions

There’s something noble about resolving to improve yourself or better the world, especially when you are able overcome great obstacles. On the other hand, we humans seem hardwired for failure, so not making good on our goals is all too … Continue reading

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Leadership, Sandy and ‘being prepared’

As I write this, wind gusts are approaching 60 mph, and the rain continues to pelt the side of my house. Hurricane Sandy is just making landfall, but its massive power has been felt up and down the East Coast … Continue reading

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It makes no sense to have a plan if you don’t review it

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of having a written plan—whether that’s a business, financial or life plan—and the value of writing things down vs. just having them bounce around in your head. I noted there is … Continue reading

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