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Are you the Duck tape or Allen wrench of your organization?

Many years ago, when I first moved to Washington and started working in communications, an older and wiser colleague gave me some sage advice: “Jay, you can be a generalist or a specialist, there is no set path to success … Continue reading

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How to make better to-do lists and get things done

Are you a list maker? I make lists all the time—in notebooks, on scratch pads, on the back of envelopes, on my iPhone, in Notes on my computer or just in my head. I keep a running list of topics … Continue reading

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Managing risk, like change, is a process: 10 tips to follow

An article I recently wrote on enterprise risk management (ERM) is the cover story in the current issue of The Federal Credit Union magazine. While ERM is a topic that probably doesn’t have much appeal beyond financial services, I think much … Continue reading

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Libraries can teach us something about customer experience

When’s the last time you went to the library, and what did you go for? If you’re like most Americans, you’ve used your local library’s services at least once over the past 12 months to borrow books or other media, … Continue reading

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What does a CEO want?

It seems that we are always guessing what CEOs want. Even the Mentalist would be hard-pressed to figure out some of the inscrutable things they say. “Transparency” may have climbed to the top of most organizations’ list of core values, … Continue reading

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Words and the meaning of leadership

I can be very persnickety when it comes to words. I keep a dictionary and thesaurus program open on my desktop, alongside Word, as I write. Sometimes I’ll consult the Oxford English Dictionary—when I’m really curious about a word’s usage. … Continue reading

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Free e-tools and apps for the busy professional

We’ve all had those exasperating moments at the office when we stomp and fume, “There’s got to be a better way of doing this!” That’s definitely the case when you’re self-employed. You become the chief of IT, HR, accounting, sales … Continue reading

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5 keys to better time management in your organization

Perhaps you made it a New Year’s resolution to better manage your time. If you did, you’re not alone. I have wrestled with time management for most of my career, always feeling I still have more to do at the end … Continue reading

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Do you suffer from passive-aggressive neatness?

I seem to go through these phases: One day I’m a lazy, disorganized slob; the next I’m a super-charged neatnik who absolutely must control his environment—at least that small bit of space I call my home office. When I worked … Continue reading

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