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Memorial Day: ‘The Victory for what it lost and gained’

I’ve never lost a family member or friend to war. So it is hard for me to imagine the feelings Memorial Day must stir up in those who have been close to someone who never came home. Robert Frost lost … Continue reading

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Is fear holding you back? Consider these three lessons

Napoleon Hill once said that fear is the single greatest obstacle to success. Yet, even with success, fear does not go away. Instead, it burrows into your subconscious in more subtle and insidious ways. You get comfortable, and you hardly notice … Continue reading

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Life goes on…and that’s a good thing

Three months have gone by since I last posted here at The Wayward Journey. As the days and weeks passed, I imagined a great celebration in the blogosphere the day I finally pushed the “publish” button again. The music would … Continue reading

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Snow-deprived in D.C.

Here in D.C., it’s sunny and clear in the Land of Unsnow. Up north, it’s wall-to-wall snow; it’s our Snowmageddon of a few years ago times two. There’s something invigorating, adventurous and enchantingly childlike (unless you’re stranded in an airport) … Continue reading

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What we need is more giving and less getting

Watching President Obama deliver his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, I thought of another young, charismatic president, John F. Kennedy, and his inaugural address 51 years ago. There are many notable quotes from Kennedy’s speech, but the one … Continue reading

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