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Is your blog on life support?

(This post originally appeared on the Aartrijk blog.) Do you have a blog that you haven’t posted to in a while? You’ve been meaning to write something, but you just haven’t gotten around to it. Or maybe it’s a company … Continue reading

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Writing: the fundamental building block of communications

Last month, I was interviewed by Jimmy Minichello for the Public Relations Society of America – National Capital Chapter’s Insider newsletter. I talked about the basics of good writing in this video. I firmly believe that good writing is the fundamental building … Continue reading

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‘How will I find you?’ 5 ways to build brand awareness

Suppose you are meeting someone for the first time in a public place. Wouldn’t it make sense to tell this person what you look like? It seems only natural to describe your most identifying features so you can quickly find each … Continue reading

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The blogs that got away…

This month marks the third anniversary of The Wayward Journey. It seems like a good time to take stock of how far I’ve come on the Journey, but I think I’ll leave some of that reminiscing for another day. Instead, … Continue reading

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Best practices for blogging and posting on social media

Maybe I should go back to posting my blogs on Tuesdays…or Thursdays. Or maybe Saturday is best? We’ve all seen those articles about the best times to post on social media if you want to increase visits, shares or click-throughs. It’s enough … Continue reading

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Life goes on…and that’s a good thing

Three months have gone by since I last posted here at The Wayward Journey. As the days and weeks passed, I imagined a great celebration in the blogosphere the day I finally pushed the “publish” button again. The music would … Continue reading

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A blogger’s lament: ‘You were always on my mind’

I’m not a huge fan of country music, but I do like Willie Nelson. Maybe it’s because Willie has recorded so many great songs in a style that doesn’t strike me as excessively country. In particular, I like his version … Continue reading

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Oh, how we love (and hate) our social media

Those of us who use the popular WordPress blogging platform got quite a scare on Wednesday afternoon when, “poof,” all of our followers disappeared in front of our very eyes. I saw it myself. One moment, my followers were listed … Continue reading

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Don’t be a ‘dunce’ when it comes to blogging

Imagine that you’ve written what might well be the next great American novel. You submit it to Simon & Schuster, and they seem interested. They ask you for some rewrites, but ultimately they drop it. Your novel languishes. That is, … Continue reading

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