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Evaluating Vine and other social media

I had lunch last week with my friend and former NAFCU colleague John Zimmerman, who showed me a clever 6-second video he made on Vine—a social media app that has gotten a lot of attention lately but one that I … Continue reading

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McKinsey’s 10 IT-enabled trends for the decade ahead

Last week, I wrote about the McKinsey Global Institute’s list of 12 most disruptive technologies; this week, I want to look at a companion piece from McKinsey: “Ten IT-enabled business trends for the decade ahead.” The pace of information technology … Continue reading

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13 trends for 2013, courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Last month, Ford released its first-ever trend report, “Looking Further with Ford: 13 Trends for 2013.” Aside from a story in USA Today, it was mostly picked up in auto trade publications. That’s a shame because it contains some intriguing … Continue reading

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