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Give up trying to find your passion and just do it

I was reading Daniel Pink the other day and reflecting on one of his counterintuitive pieces of advice: “Give up trying to find your passion.” Pink, a top-selling author on career, motivation and work-related issues, is perhaps best known for … Continue reading

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Words and the meaning of leadership

I can be very persnickety when it comes to words. I keep a dictionary and thesaurus program open on my desktop, alongside Word, as I write. Sometimes I’ll consult the Oxford English Dictionary—when I’m really curious about a word’s usage. … Continue reading

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Powering through those painful ‘slog’ days

When I began The Wayward Journey in the fall of 2011, I noted that there are many ups and downs on the road to establishing your own business. One of the bumps that I often stumble on is staying motivated, … Continue reading

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6 lessons from the journey, one year in

I spent this past weekend at Richmond Hill on a church retreat. Richmond Hill has an interesting history that lends itself to reflection and solitude. It was originally a convent for an order of nuns who prayed for reconciliation after … Continue reading

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Ding, ding, ding: 20 posts in 20 weeks!

When I published my 20th post last week, WordPress gave me a gold star. Each time I post, WordPress (which kindly hosts my blog for free) gives me encouragement, cheering me on to new blogging milestones. So I’ve managed to … Continue reading

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Practice makes (nearly) perfect

Many years ago when I was a young, budding writer (or so I thought), I received quite a blow to my tender ego from the esteemed scholar and critic E.D. Hirsch Jr. I was at the University of Virginia and … Continue reading

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