Content marketing, Star Wars and customer service

Star Wars logo

Star Wars logo from Wikimedia Commons.

If you want to see content marketing in action, the Microsoft Dynamics Blog is a pretty good example. I spend a lot of time on the Microsoft Dynamics and Azure websites for one of my clients. On the Dynamics site, they are always loading fresh content on CRM, social listening and ERP. And they do a pretty good job of keeping it informative, lively and not too sales-y.

Good content marketing not only stays on topic but also ties into the calendar, current events and popular culture. So recent Dynamics postings have given a nod to “Star Wars” (May the Fourth be With You!) and Mother’s Day.

And speaking of “Star Wars,” Tricia Morris (no relation) gives some great lessons on customer service from Yoda in her “7 Customer Service Lessons From a Jedi Master.” Here are four from her blog that have application across any enterprise and are frankly good words of advice for all aspects of life:

“Do or do not, there is no try.”
Entrepreneur magazine highlighted some of the phrases customers are most happy to hear and none of them include the word “try.” Instead, customers want to hear: I can solve that problem; I will find out; I will take responsibility; I will keep you updated, and I will deliver on time. Do or do not, there is no try.

“Help you I can, yes.”
Never send the customer somewhere else or tell them to call back at another time. Thank the customer for giving you the opportunity to address the matter, and to the best of your ability, address it then and there for much-appreciated first contact resolution. “Help you I can, yes.”

“You must unlearn what you have learned.”
No matter how much experience we have accumulated, there are always new or different things we can learn from experts, peers, mentors and our customers to enhance, adjust and revolutionize the customer experience. Keep an open mind and be open to continued change and learning.

Luke: “I do not believe it.” Yoda: “That is why you fail.”
Many a company can say or write that customer service is important to them, but if there is no real belief behind customer service’s power to change an organization for the better, the proverbial ship will never rise out of the stagnant complacency and disaffection holding it down.

Create a customer service culture, you must, filled with true believers. May the Force be with you…

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