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Honey, have you seen my Apple Watch?

All of a sudden, we are obsessed with watches. It started with those images of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his Rolex. You know, the one that Jonnie Williams gave to Maureen, who then gave to Bob, who wore … Continue reading

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iOS 7 and the end of skeuomorphism

This past week, I learned a new word: skeuomorphism. A skeuomorph is an object or feature that imitates the design of a similar object made of a different material. Faux-leather and simulated woodgrain finishes are skeuomorphs. A classic example is the … Continue reading

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Add one more to the pile of discarded technology

My first and oldest iPod died last week. The dreaded Sad iPod icon appeared on the screen, and that means either I dispatch it to the boneyard of discarded technology or I pay Apple more than it’s worth to fix. … Continue reading

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