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Instead of time management, consider energy management

Time is something that we constantly obsess about. An army of business consultants and self-help gurus has made millions with countless time management courses, day planners, books and apps that we eagerly devour. Organize your day, get through all your … Continue reading

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How to make better to-do lists and get things done

Are you a list maker? I make lists all the time—in notebooks, on scratch pads, on the back of envelopes, on my iPhone, in Notes on my computer or just in my head. I keep a running list of topics … Continue reading

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Eliminate the inessentials and focus on the essentials

Sitting in a client meeting this past week, I realized that so much of our success as managers and leaders lies in determining what we can realistically accomplish—and what we can’t. Like most successful organizations, this client has talented people, lots of ideas, … Continue reading

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5 keys to better time management in your organization

Perhaps you made it a New Year’s resolution to better manage your time. If you did, you’re not alone. I have wrestled with time management for most of my career, always feeling I still have more to do at the end … Continue reading

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Is time on your side when it comes to social media?

Do you think you can manage your social media each day in just 18 minutes? Lisa Buyer of Search Engine Watch, picking up on the popular time management book by Peter Bregman called “18 Minutes,” suggests that it’s possible. This … Continue reading

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Do you suffer from passive-aggressive neatness?

I seem to go through these phases: One day I’m a lazy, disorganized slob; the next I’m a super-charged neatnik who absolutely must control his environment—at least that small bit of space I call my home office. When I worked … Continue reading

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‘Catch-up’ Thursday: eParachute and entrepreneurship

Last November, when I posted on the remarkable longevity of Dick Bolles’ What Color is Your Parachute, I noted that a new electronic version of the book was being readied called eParachute. That website is now live (sort of), and … Continue reading

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