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Note to self: write a personal branding statement (now)

Is it asking too much to expect a high school student to know what career she wants to pursue? Probably. Okay, what about an adult? Shouldn’t adults know what they want out of life? What path they want to follow? … Continue reading

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One man’s austerity is another man’s opportunity

This past week, I had the privilege of guest-blogging on the Fletcher Prince blog, an excellent, long-running blog authored by D.C. public relations expert Mary Fletcher Jones. Below is my post in its entirety. If you have an interest in PR, … Continue reading

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Dealing with uncertainty

In these economic times, you can’t really escape uncertainty. Even Warren Buffett, I would guess, lies awake some nights wondering if he invested in the right companies. We try our hardest to insulate ourselves from the shocks and vicissitudes of … Continue reading

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Are you adding value to your organization?

“Make yourself indispensable” is one of those career bromides you often hear when you’re first starting out, but how many people really do make themselves indispensable to their organization? It may sound trite, but indispensable people usually don’t get sacked, … Continue reading

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8 things you absolutely have to do to make it as an indie

Seven months into my new life as an independent public relations practitioner, and I am still learning every day. But even a slow learner like me can see that these eight things make all the difference in the world. I’m … Continue reading

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