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How to succeed in business the ‘indie’ way

Last month, I invited Ami Neiberger-Miller and Sandra Wills Hannon to speak at our Independent Public Relations Alliance meeting about what it takes to become a successful independent practitioner. Both Ami and Sandra are long-time members of IPRA and have … Continue reading

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Convergence and the brave new world of PR and marketing

A few weeks ago, Phil Rabin and Paul Duning of Capitol Communicator spoke at an Independent Public Relations Alliance luncheon about trends they are seeing in the PR business. One development they mentioned is the convergence of public relations and … Continue reading

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Note to self: write a personal branding statement (now)

Is it asking too much to expect a high school student to know what career she wants to pursue? Probably. Okay, what about an adult? Shouldn’t adults know what they want out of life? What path they want to follow? … Continue reading

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Brand relevance and the art of finding your sweet spot

Reblogged from The PRSA-NCC Blog I recently invited D.C. marketing expert Bob London to speak to the Independent Public Relations Alliance. He gave some great pointers on indie branding, which I wrote about in this post for the PRSA-NCC Blog. … Continue reading

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How to manage difficult animals (and people)

I was surprised last week while visiting the Smokies that spring hasn’t quite “sprung” yet in the mountains. Trees at the upper elevations were just starting to leaf, resulting in beautiful, photo-op-friendly shades of green and copper on the mountainsides. … Continue reading

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A sad state of affairs for America’s news media

Two journalists—Gwen Flanders, a breaking news editor at USA Today, and Arin Greenwood, associate editor for HuffPost DC—spoke at an Independent Public Relations Alliance luncheon I attended earlier this month. It was a great session, with helpful tips on how to … Continue reading

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‘What is it you do again?’ or how to explain the indie life

It’s surprising how you can be working in the same profession, doing the same kinds of things you’ve always done, but if you’re not attached to a company you become an enigma in the minds of many. Organizations help define … Continue reading

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‘I’ve got a name’ or personal branding 101

Why does Jim Croce’s “I’ve Got a Name” come to mind whenever I hear the words “personal branding”? Maybe it’s because I’ve always liked that song, and branding shouldn’t be any more complicated than Croce’s advice to be who you … Continue reading

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Dealing with uncertainty

In these economic times, you can’t really escape uncertainty. Even Warren Buffett, I would guess, lies awake some nights wondering if he invested in the right companies. We try our hardest to insulate ourselves from the shocks and vicissitudes of … Continue reading

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