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Note to self: write a personal branding statement (now)

Is it asking too much to expect a high school student to know what career she wants to pursue? Probably. Okay, what about an adult? Shouldn’t adults know what they want out of life? What path they want to follow? … Continue reading

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Brand relevance and the art of finding your sweet spot

Reblogged from The PRSA-NCC Blog I recently invited D.C. marketing expert Bob London to speak to the Independent Public Relations Alliance. He gave some great pointers on indie branding, which I wrote about in this post for the PRSA-NCC Blog. … Continue reading

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‘I’ve got a name’ or personal branding 101

Why does Jim Croce’s “I’ve Got a Name” come to mind whenever I hear the words “personal branding”? Maybe it’s because I’ve always liked that song, and branding shouldn’t be any more complicated than Croce’s advice to be who you … Continue reading

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