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Evaluating Vine and other social media

I had lunch last week with my friend and former NAFCU colleague John Zimmerman, who showed me a clever 6-second video he made on Vine—a social media app that has gotten a lot of attention lately but one that I … Continue reading

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McKinsey’s 10 IT-enabled trends for the decade ahead

Last week, I wrote about the McKinsey Global Institute’s list of 12 most disruptive technologies; this week, I want to look at a companion piece from McKinsey: “Ten IT-enabled business trends for the decade ahead.” The pace of information technology … Continue reading

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Mobile Internet tops list of McKinsey’s disruptive dozen

I am a big fan of the research that comes out of McKinsey & Company, and I’ve mentioned some of their work in previous posts. In May, they released two big trends pieces that I wanted to sink my teeth … Continue reading

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Watches, pocketknives and smartphones

It used to be that a watch and a pocketknife were the two most practical things a guy could carry (in addition to his wallet). Now days, it’s a smartphone. I gave up wearing a watch about four years ago. … Continue reading

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A sad state of affairs for America’s news media

Two journalists—Gwen Flanders, a breaking news editor at USA Today, and Arin Greenwood, associate editor for HuffPost DC—spoke at an Independent Public Relations Alliance luncheon I attended earlier this month. It was a great session, with helpful tips on how to … Continue reading

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Free e-tools and apps for the busy professional

We’ve all had those exasperating moments at the office when we stomp and fume, “There’s got to be a better way of doing this!” That’s definitely the case when you’re self-employed. You become the chief of IT, HR, accounting, sales … Continue reading

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Technology, generations and the joy of creating

A visit from a five-year-old, the recent purchase of an iPhone 5 and fond memories of recording my own “shows” with a Craig 212 tape recorder got me thinking about technology, generations and creativity. Here’s the question I’ve been pondering: … Continue reading

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Add one more to the pile of discarded technology

My first and oldest iPod died last week. The dreaded Sad iPod icon appeared on the screen, and that means either I dispatch it to the boneyard of discarded technology or I pay Apple more than it’s worth to fix. … Continue reading

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