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What business are you in? Or how not to be a railroad man

In his 1960 essay, “Marketing Myopia,” Harvard Business School professor Theodore Levitt famously asked readers to consider what business they were really in. He argued that the railroads lost their market share (and nearly disappeared) because they incorrectly thought they … Continue reading

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What does a CEO want?

It seems that we are always guessing what CEOs want. Even the Mentalist would be hard-pressed to figure out some of the inscrutable things they say. “Transparency” may have climbed to the top of most organizations’ list of core values, … Continue reading

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5 lessons children can teach us about employee engagement

You’d think that with all of the books, seminars and coaching out there on building winning teams, we’d be doing a better job of engaging employees. But not according to a pair of studies noted in the latest issue of … Continue reading

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On judging people and being a better conversationalist

Judging people is a difficult, but necessary part of running a business, managing a team or being a volunteer leader. It’s especially crucial if you are an independent consultant since you are often entrusting your future in partners, vendors and … Continue reading

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Aristotle, mentoring and the friends we choose

A few weekends ago, I was searching for something to read and found a slim volume by Peter Taylor that had been gathering dust on my shelf. Taylor was the gifted short-story writer and novelist who won a Pulitzer Prize … Continue reading

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Words and the meaning of leadership

I can be very persnickety when it comes to words. I keep a dictionary and thesaurus program open on my desktop, alongside Word, as I write. Sometimes I’ll consult the Oxford English Dictionary—when I’m really curious about a word’s usage. … Continue reading

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Hey, dreamer, start paying attention to your firm’s goals!

I rarely remember my dreams; and when I do, they generally aren’t about work. Usually some childhood fear rears its ugly head, and once again I am reliving the anxiety of forgetting my homework, failing a test or becoming hopelessly … Continue reading

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Love, leadership and Valentine’s Day

Flip through radio stations or your own collection of CDs and MP3s, and I bet every other song will be about some aspect of love or romance. Looking for love, falling in love, falling out of love, breaking up, getting … Continue reading

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Why is delegating so hard? Let me count the ways

I am not the best at delegating. And judging by the volume of “how-to” articles on this subject in journals like HBR, I’m not alone. Many executives and leaders fall down when it comes to delegating—and ultimately it can harm … Continue reading

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