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‘How will I find you?’ 5 ways to build brand awareness

Suppose you are meeting someone for the first time in a public place. Wouldn’t it make sense to tell this person what you look like? It seems only natural to describe your most identifying features so you can quickly find each … Continue reading

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The ‘secrets’ to great leadership really aren’t secret

What makes a great leader? I’ve been posing that question to credit union CEOs for an article I’m writing for NAFCU’s magazine. Without spilling too many beans, let me share with you some “secrets” I’ve learned about great leadership. I think … Continue reading

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‘What is it you do again?’ or how to explain the indie life

It’s surprising how you can be working in the same profession, doing the same kinds of things you’ve always done, but if you’re not attached to a company you become an enigma in the minds of many. Organizations help define … Continue reading

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10 sure-fire ways to disengage and be left alone

If you’re like me, there are times when you just want to be left alone. No phone calls, no emails, no tweets, no text messages, no interruptions or meetings. No one imposing on your time, asking you for favors, soliciting … Continue reading

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The importance of friendship and community

Starting a new business, beginning a new career or dealing with life changes requires not only a great deal of personal reflection and self-examination, it also is best done with the help and support of friends, colleagues and community. I … Continue reading

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